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Medical licensing examination was administered by the government for 42 years since it was first administered in 1952 to 1993. With the establishment of the National Medical Licensing Examination Board in 1992, the test began to be administered by the private sector. In 1998, the organization was re-structured and its role expanded to the all medical health personnel licensing examinations in Korea. It has since served as a private institute administering national examinations for licensing and qualifying of health care professionals in 23 occupations. In 2015, its title was changed to the Korea Health Personnel Licensing Examination Institute (KHPLEI), the public organization based on the Korea Health Personnel Licensing Examination Institute Act. The KHPLEI intends to become a test rating agency that earns everyone’s trust and satisfaction based on fairness and reliability of tests and customized services. It aspires to produce excellent health care and medical personnel through research and development for both domestic and overseas examination systems to contribute to the development of national health care & medical services. As part of its role to research promotion for national licensing examination, it has published the Journal of Educational Evaluation for Health Professions (JEEHP) since 2004. The Journal's editor is Professor Sun Huh orcid.org/0000-0002-8559-8640